Digital Photo Galleries 

By J. H. Lee

! Personal Best Collection ! 04/26/2008

Alaska 08/15/04

Butchart Garden in B.C., Canada 8/19/01

Butterfly Garden in B.C., Canada 8/18/01

CA Academy of Science 10/22/08

Crystal Garden in B.C., Canada 8/19/01

Damyang 10/2/10

Death Valley 2/21/08

Dragonfly Metamorphosis 5/27/2001

Palo Alto Duck Pond and Bayland area 05/24/06

Flora 06/06/07

Hawaii 12/31/03

Home Building - Part I 05/04/03

Home Building - Part II 05/23/04

Hubbard Glacier 08/10/04

Firenze 9/30/07

Milano 9/30/07

Roma 9/30/07

Venezia 9/30/07

Jejudo 9/15/10

Korean Palace 4/19/01

Lake Tahoe 12/27/01

Landscape Pictures 03/07/06

Las Vegas 2/21/08

London & Windsor 6/30/05<%

Macro Pictures 11/07/04

Chennai ( Madras ), India 04/16/06

Mokpo 07/08/12

Monterey Bay aquarium and Pebble beach 09/29/11

Pond 1 09/13/03

Pond 2 09/03/08

Pond 3 07/30/07

Migrating bird nesting at the Bayland, Palo Alo, California 04/22/06

Paris 6/30/05<%

People Photography 03/17/2006

Santa Clara County Pond Tour 2000 4/19/01

Safari photos 02/05/06

San Diego Wild Animal Park 09/06/09

San Francisco 11/22/09

Singapore Botanic Garden 9/22/10<%

Sonoma, California 02/06/06

Stanford University 08/25/12

Stanford Cactus Garden 12/30/05<%

Still Art Photos 09/04/04

Wild Life Photos 12/16/05

Teton and Yellowstone National parks 07/18/02

Yeosu and Expo 2012 07/08/12

Yosemite 06/13/07

Zoo photos 12/31/03

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Content-Aware Scale 11/8/2008


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